The installation questions the working life of a middle-class employee in the present-day IT sector. By focusing on the employees' working lifestyle, which is characterized by a mechanized redundant work in the service sector, the installation tries to showcase nuances of the work culture that are otherwise taken for granted. This working lifestyle is leading to instability and allowing a new class of ‘precariat’ to emerge, whose members undergo a situation of precariousness and anxiety of being unsound. Keeping in context with IT jobs and their mainstream lifestyle, the installation constructs and unfolds the existence of this unseen reality. By taking the significant elements in a corporate working culture as ‘modes’ and by highlighting and tweaking them, the narration is allowed to emerge. Space allows the formation of a disjunction that oscillates between the real appearances and of the absurdity present in reality.



Letter Conversations | Ethnography | 5.1 Surround Music System | Mini Speakers | Objects from corporate atmosphere | Arduino | Processing | Adobe Audition | PIR Sensors | White DC supply LED light |Clocks | Cubicles | 3 Desktop | Mouse | Locked Chair | Video | Pictures | Posters

Sound scapes (5.1)


Making Video