I have been interested in the ideas that shape consciousness and create a dialogue between the “outside and the inside”. The incessant understanding and molding around the individual psyche and the collective imagination intrigues me. With my background in Science and Masters in the discipline of New Media Design, my practice and objective lie in the inquiry of the psychological phenomena of an individual and collective with respect to events and socio-political conditions. My works move in the domain of designing space for an “experience”. This experience is anchored in an expression to connect people and the truth. In this journey, I seek refuge in trying to develop narrative-based landscape design and mixed media installations. As an approach to my work, I practice ethnography to understand the cultural fabric and human interactions. This allows me to see things through a lens that otherwise would be hidden by my own prejudice. In the present times of “informatics of domination” where everything is hyper-mediated and leads to mere appearances of understanding the world through spectacles, it is through my work and explorations, I seek the possibility of creating punctuations and alternate thoughts.